Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mom

My Mom is the best.  I want to be just like her-- I really do.  Every once in a while people tell me that I remind them of my mom and those are the best compliments I could ask for.

I have been mentally compiling a list of all the life lessons my mom has taught me over the years, and it became ridiculously long.  So I will narrow it down to just a few.

On Shopping:  My mom taught me all about retail therapy-- the timeless truth that shopping makes everything better.  She also taught me that half of the fun of shopping is the thrill of the chase-- finding what you are looking for at the lowest price possible.  Regardless of your station in life, the Goodwill and Ross are two places that must be included in every shopping trip.  (Together, we have found that the more "ghetto" a Ross is-- the better!)  I'll always remember the bumper sticker on the back of my mom's old van-- "A Woman's Place is in the Mall". 

On Happiness:  My mom is the ultimate optimist.  In the early 90's, our family moved a LOT.  Looking back on it, I can't imagine how stressful and difficult those years were for my mom.  But I didn't notice at the time because according to her, each move was "an amazing ADVENTURE!"  She never complained or acted upset.  She was too busy putting her positive spin on things and singing road trip songs. (Horsey, horsey...)

On Marriage:  My mom is married to her very best friend.  Together, they have been a great example of exactly what a good marriage looks like.  She and my dad make fun of each other, bicker, tease, and laugh... a lot.  They spend ridiculous amounts of time together, but still miss each other when they spend a few hours apart.  She taught (through example) that "You're an idiot" can mean the exact same thing as "I love you".

On Dreams:  My mom was always there for us.  But I also remember that she was always involved in her own stuff too.  She has had some really cool jobs-- like television producer of a local cable show and teacher of convicted felons in prison (she owns a pizzeria, for crying out loud!).  Because of her example, I always knew I'd be a devoted mom and I always knew I would have a cool job.  She showed that those two were completely compatible.  My last job in Florida was actually with my mom-- we were co-workers teaching homeless students (and eating cuban food)!

On Life:  My mom has taught me not to get stressed about the details of life.  She taught me not to take myself too seriously or get offended very easily.  She has instilled in me a love of animals and a passion for the scriptures.  I have inherited a ridiculously high self-esteem from my mom. She has taught me to love who I am and not be fake or put on fronts.  I have never seen my mom misrepresent herself-- ever.  She has taught me that its just fine to be goofy (she invented a seminary rap song called the Gadianton Shuffle). 

I realize this is getting long-- but there is so much more!  My husband and kids adore her.  She is a supportive and accepting mother-in-law and an AMAZING, loving "Girl Papas".  In short-- she is our hero.  We love you Mom!


Marvin said...

What you say is sooo true, Kira. She is amazing. And it also true that you follow in her footsteps in soo many ways!! You are a marvelous mother; we are very proud of you!

Heidi Lyn said...

Woo Hoo! So true. I forgot about the Gadianton Shuffle. Loves for mom.